Fresco Bar + Grill, Ambience Mall, New Delhi

The south East Asian restaurant, Asia 7, consciously did not resort to imagery as a means of aligning itself with the cuisine of the region. Instead, referring to the ancient eastern tradition of a filigree screen as a point of departure, a lattice screen was developed as the predominant leitmotif for the restaurant.

Comprising of 2000 individual pieces in two tones (brown and orange), the screen defines the visual character of the space while acting as an interface between Asia 7 and an adjoining restaurant. The pre-fabricated screen embraces diners in a select enclosure that offers both intimacy as well as a voyeuristic opportunity the slats allow for oblique views into the neighbouring restaurant.

The kitchen too, is an active part of the dining experience – exposed and “live” it allows people to engage directly with those who prepare the food. A bar and wine wall act as an interface between Asia 7 and the adjoining Mediterranean restaurant.

A colour palette of orange, brown and black was adopted to represent south East Asia. The furniture consists largely of laminated plywood.