House 6-201, CWG Apartment, New Delhi

Simple yet luxurious, this residence is spread over 2270 square feet. It is elegant and has all the modern amenities. Blues and greys are the major colour play in this contemporary home. Designed for comfort, it has all the makings of a designer home.

The highlight of the living room is the bespoke stone jaali  where the perforations in the stone form the silhouette of a temple. The clients wanted to see the image of God as soon as they entered their home. This stone jaali screens the pooja space behind. The backdrop of the image of God as seen through the silhouette of a temple invokes the idea of God and address the client brief subtly yet powerfully.

Each of the bedrooms have been designed keeping in mind the tastes of its inhabitants. While the master bedroom has an overall classical theme, the bedroom for the grown up sons is more modern which details like the leather headboard and quirky pendant light adding to contemporary feel.

There is ample use of mirrors, to add a tone of plushness to the project, while accentuating the feeling of spaciousness in the rooms.

8-1607420276-Temple home (CWG).jpg

Ground Floor Plan