Madhuban: A Room in the Sky, New Delhi

Prior to the renovation, the entry to the apartment obstructed the passage to the children’s room, giving an awkward feel at the ingresso principale. The sequence of entry into the apartment was reworked with the introduction of the entrance courtyard.  Exposed brick walls bathe in white were incorporated to frame views from the courtyard to the adjoining park, serving the dual purpose of  achieving privacy and allowing plentiful daylight, giving the apartment a much needed out doorsy feel and a metaphorical  'our very own place under the sun.’ The tour de force is the row of shutter windows painted a mediterranean blue.

The addition of a corner window in the kitchen draws plentiful daylight into what was typically a confined space—now creating a feeling of openness and of connectivity with the dining area. The remodeled kitchen's back wall shows the happy marriage of sunny yellow with demure gray with the white tile backsplash reflecting light from the hanging conical lampshades. Luxuriating in light, the new kitchen displays a collocated and breezy aesthetic.

The living room in the pre-renovation home was an incoherent, occluded space, grid locking the natural light entering from the spaces just beyond. The reclaimed living room maximizes light from the glass windows and the cream of the sofas  to support the room's dewy brightness. A wall of natural stone tiles in hues of rich grey offsets the broken cream of the other three walls. Sliding-folding floor to ceiling glass doors can be opened to allow the formal area to seamlessly merge with the informal lounge area.

Subtle floor plan modifications, retaining the overall arrangement of spaces familiar to the residents,  atmosphere of volume, pragmatic choice of materials, infusing light through material and connecting the living room, entrance lounge, dining room and courtyard as a series of spaces flowing into each other, lead to the redesigned home making for a vivid family environment. 


Ground Floor Plan