Noida Pad : Low on Budget, High on Impact, Noida

The apartment is located in a high rise tower of identical, non-descript housing units on the edge of the city. Key determinants in converting the apartment into a home included the adaptive re-use of existing furniture or through the procurement of old furniture, the ability for spaces to expand and contract to accommodate an extended family and the design of a space through a process of either repurposing existing elements or through minimal interventions and minimal processes. Such a strategy was developed in order to deliver the project within the constraints of a challenging timeline and a minimal budget.

Specifically, this was manifested through the juxtaposing of colour and texture along with the  insertion of elements such as “windows between rooms” to enable both the flexibility and elasticity of space. A formal and conceptual clarity enabled a perceptual complexity that makes the apartment appear larger than it is through the multiplicity of points of focus. The use of colour and material texture additionally brought a visual vibrancy to the space that complimented the spatial complexity.

By re-using, reducing, recycling and re-imagining existing elements the design of the apartment was as much a residential interior design project as it was a conservation of resources project.