Rahoul got his degrees in both architecture and in the fine arts at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA and established a design studio in New Delhi in 1998 and has since built extensively in India and the Middle East. He is currently a member of the Visiting Faculty in the Department of Architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and serves as a Senior Consultant to the Delhi Urban Arts Council (DUAC).

He is a regular contributor to journals in architecture, and is the author of the book, "Gardens of Delight".
Lakshmi After having been trained as an architect at the Sushant School of Architecture in New Delhi, she spent a number of years practicing with design intensive multi disciplinary studios in the city before re locating to Singapore. She spent a number of years in Singapore as a project architect for projects that varied in scale from small residences to larger developmental work. During her time in Singapore, she was responsible for ensuring that projects and their constructional processes were of the highest international standards.

On returning to New Delhi, she started working with Rahoul Singh and is now a partner in the studio RLDA. Lakshmi has also played an instrumental role in establishing Design x Design, a multi disciplinary platform, that promotes cross pollination of ideas among members of various design fields.